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If you've been bouncing around the blog or Twittersphere of late you may have heard about Alt Summit. It's a lifestyle blogger conference happening next week in Salt Lake City and this year I'm going to be there!

I could not be more excited to dig into all things creative/entrepreneurial/style-tastic. Not to mention finally getting to meet so many of my blogger friends face-to-face! That opportunity alone is worth the price of admission. But of course, there is the age of dilemma of what to wear!

Design conference + lifestyle bloggers + Utah + winter = ??? What is a girl to do?

I'm currently taking cues from these looks from See by Chloe.

lb_seebychloe_2_v1_m56577569832047987 via shopbop lb_seebychloe_3_v1_m56577569832047988 shopbop
lb_seebychloe_1_v1_m56577569832047986 lb_seebychloe_5_v1_m56577569832049102 look 4

The goal is relative comfort (for long periods of sitting), plenty of warmth  (for downtown exploring) and mad style (because it's Alt and you gotta bring it!).

I think this might be my day one look.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

And if you're going to be there, do let me know because I want to finally put faces to blog headers!If you need wardrobe/packing planning help Alt Summit speaker and all around doll Kelly of Design Crush come up with this packing planner!

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