Hilary Duff: "We're Really Excited to Have Kids!"

http://www.usmagazine.com/uploads/assets/articles/38198-hilary-duff-were-really-excited-to-have-kids/1295033068_hilary-mike-290.jpgShe found love with hockey pro Mike Comrie, and got married in August, so is a baby carriage in Hilary Duff's near future?

"Yeah, I think we're really excited to have kids," the singer/actress told Us Magazine at the Kentucky Derby Prelude Party Thursday. "And he comes from a big family."

Still, added the star, "I'm only 23, so give me a little bit of time. Come on people!"

In the meantime, Duff and her man, 30, are enjoying their newlywed bliss.

"We just still have this really giddy excitement about each other that's like, 'Oh we got married! Oh my god! You're my husband and I'm your wife!'" she told Us.

And though the twosome don't live together -- she lives in L.A., and he's based in Pittsburgh where he plays for the Penguins -- they make sure not to spend more than three weeks apart.

"I go back and visit," she said. "It's all just been really good. I say 'I can't wait to see you' and 'I miss you so much.' He's such a good guy."

So great, in fact, that the former Gossip Girl star didn't mind taking care of him while he recovered from hip surgery over the holidays.

"I played nurse all throughout Christmas, but we were in Vail so it was beautiful and nice," she told Us. "He's a good patient. Boys are a little whiny, but he was really good."

Credit: Us Magazine

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