Holly Madison Addresses Hef & Jayde Nicole

http://www.tvverdict.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/hollys-world.jpgEmotional fireworks exploded on last night’s Season 2 premiere of Holly Madison’s E! Entertainment reality TV show Holly’s World. The platinum blond bombshell was shell shocked from all sides as she tackled Peepshow producer demands that she lose weight, former love Hugh Hefner announcing his engagement to Crystal Harris and Playmate Jayde Nicole’s bizarre takeover attempt as her Las Vegas rival.

Moments after I sat with her for the premiere screening last night at Extra Lounge at Planet Hollywood, Holly told me: “I’ll always have a place in my heart for Hef. We were together for seven years. I thought we’d get married sometime and have children. You don’t ever forget something like that! That was my dream and hope. I don’t know how I am really supposed to feel about all of it. I had a lot of different emotions and thoughts on it.

“We went through a lot together. I wanted to settle down. I thought we were headed to being exclusive and then marriage and family. I had to go to The Mansion to confront him and Crystal. This was kind of a shock! I had to film that, so it was my exact reaction and words and not distorted later elsewhere. You will see exactly what happened there next Sunday. Hef didn’t mind the cameras because he lets his life be a very open and honest book. I had to know he was all right. I was being very protective. There are many girls who would take advantage of him, and I had to know he was OK.”

Just 5 hours before the premiere, I’d talked exclusively with Holly in a wide-ranging interview. She told me: “I’m really excited for the new shows. I think it’s a way better season than the first season. Last year, you got to know us, and this year you’re seeing how we deal with life as it throws the curve balls at us. There’s no time to pre-plan anything. It’s all as it just happens even if we are not comfortable about it. It’s a lot of drama that’s very confrontational.

“It’s really dramatic. There are a lot of challenges for all of our characters, and the humor as a result is really funny. We’re still smack in the middle of shooting it, so there’s a lot more surprises to come from me. The filming runs four days a week and will continue through March.”


Five times in last night’s debut, Holly’s friends branded Jayde a bitch, and I’m reliably told that she will vanish after a few more episodes. “I really think she came into Vegas determined to take over what I had accomplished here,” Holly confided. “It really made for some serious tension. There was no need for some of her stuff. She invited Josh out on my birthday as her date and wound up making out with him -- that was seriously bad. So think of it as a fleeting appearance.”

Holly confirmed that Jayde hadn’t seen a preview of last night’s show where Laura and Josh ridicule her and the gift she sent reminding Holly of her upcoming 32nd birthday, which they promptly dumped in the garbage! Josh’s comments about the tainted gift were some of the funniest moments in last night’s high dramas.

Credit: Las Vegas Weekly

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