Holly Madison And Hef Come Face-to-Face

After Holly Madison couldn't get Hugh Hefner to marry her, she comes face to face with the magazine magnate after his recent engagement news. Awkward!

Taking a break from Las Vegas, Holly comes back to Los Angeles and visits the Playboy mansion. Once there, she and her former flame are reunited for the very first time since he became betrothed to Playmate Crystal Harris. The subject at hand is the white elephant in the room -- with neither wishing to address it.

"Thank you for visiting," Hef says. After a long pause in which the two avoid eye contact, he eventually turns and asks "How are ya?"

Holly quickly offers a peppy reply of "really good!" After some small talk, Holly finally blurts out, "Congratulations on your engagement!"

Hef thanks her and the two hug, but Holly's eyes appear to be brimming with tears.

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