Kim Kardashian's Skechers Super Bowl Ad


So that's why we've caught Kim Kardashian sporting those Skechers Shape-ups in lieu of her Louboutin heels lately; she's going to star in a Super Bowl commercial for the brand!

The sexy reality star shared a pic on set via her Twitter, and it looks like Kardashian is wearing ONLY a black silk robe.

Ms. K reveals:
"I’m starring in the @SKECHERSUSA Super Bowl ad! See a sneak peek here!"
The Kourtney & Kim Take New York star told USA Today the Skechers ad is actually very provocative ... surprise surprise. If this pic is any indication, football fans will thank Skechers Shape-Ups for interrupting the game with some smokin' hot curvaceous Kim K action.

Credit: X17 Online

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