Lauren Conrad: I'm Afraid Of Fashion Failure Conrad admits that she is always afraid of failure and there's been many, many times where she questions herself about the clothing line she's putting out.

Lauren has a right to be because of bad publicity her first Lauren Conrad Collection received for bad designs and overpricing.

Lauren attributes this to the fact that she did not always have control over the collection because someone else was financing it.

Lauren learned real quick that if you're not the boss, you always have to meet in the middle.

The end result was New York Times called her first collection sub-Old Navy.

So now, Lauren Conrad has invested a large amount of her own capital just to have full creative control and ensure that her new collection is of higher quality and success.

With this, Lauren is designing very chic, clean pieces that have good fit and good fabrics sold at upscale boutiques ranging from $90 to $390.

Lauren hopes Paper Crown will see revenue in about a year after its' release.

Credit: Examiner

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