My Alt Summit {Sartorial Sightings}

I promise I'll try to keep my gushing about Alt Summit to a minimum, but I had to recap a few of my favorite things about the experience ~ the first of which was the conference fashion ~ I'm sure you're shocked.

When you're surrounded by 400 incredibly talented bloggers and creatives from all around the country, you've got to bring your fashionista A-game. And let me tell ya, this was one good lookin' crowd. I, of course, immediately zeroed in on the exceptional footwear. I had eye candy for days!

center image by janie, images by me and via flickr

I also thought I'd give you a sneak peak into my Alt uniform. Apparently, I was very into black bottoms! And sky high heels, but that's a no-brainer. I did wear almost every single pair of the seven shoe options I brought. Is there such a thing as Shoes Anonymous?
iPhone photo skills by roomie caitlin flemming

Look 1: Zara tuxedo jacket, JCrew top, Citizen for Humanity jean, Acne Vega pump
Look 2: Anthropology top, black shorts, Acne Vega pump
Look 3: Michael Kors top, Theory cashmere vest and t-shirt, Zara trousers, Dries Van Noten pump
Look 4: Unknown top, Club Monaco trousers, Report Signature peep toes, Loft necklace

Fabulous fashion was only one small component of the amazingness that was Alt. Recaps are popping up all over. The Twitter stream is still going strong at #altsummit too.

And stop by later this week - I'll be sharing some more pics and my best blogging takeaways!

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