Pakistani Bridal Makup 2011-12 | Beautiful Makeup Faces | Bridal Makeup

Wedding is one of the most important occasions for any girl, and she

wants to make it the most outstanding one. And wedding dress is a thing
that helps make her wedding a special event. But as happens with all brides,
they do not know what is hot and what is not; should they go for traditional
or modern dress.
Brides always want to look stunning, gorgeous and glamorous on their
wedding day. There are many famous makeup artists and beauty parlors
in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and other major cities of Pakistan.
New Look, Madeeha’s, Sab’s, Depilex, Alle Nora, Rose, Mahrose, Sania’s,
Nabila, Tariq Amin, Khawer Riaz, Ather Shahzad are few names of the well
refarded names of Pakistan’s makeup industry. Brides get confused in choosing
the right beauty saloon or makeup artist to make her awesome on her wedding
day. E care 4 all provides you a list of beauty parlors and photo collections
of some of the legends in Makeup industry of Pakistan.

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