Paris Hilton Gets ‘Real’ On Upcoming Show a self-imposed exile, Paris Hilton, 29, is ready to return to TV on Oxygen’s new show The World According To Paris, set to premiere in spring. Hollywood Life spoke to Paris on the red carpet at an NBC Universal party Jan. 13 about her newest reality venture, and she was eager to dish about her life.

“I’ve just really been trying to lay low,” Paris said. “I’m getting ready for the show and saving it all for when it comes out. Ive been working a lot and traveling and not going out like I used to.”

The show will be a total-access look into the world’s most famous celebutante, even focusing on her relationship with Cy Waits. Paris told us, “He’s really camera shy, so he wasn’t really wild about the idea in the beginning, but he loves me so much he’ll do anything for me!”

Paris’ main goal during the show was to prove to America she is more than a pretty face with a stack of money.

“On The Simple Life I was playing a character that I sort of invented,” Paris said. “I didn’t realize the show would last five seasons, so I had to continue doing that. People assume that’s really how I am in real life, but when I’m with my friends or my family, that’s when I feel most comfortable. This show really shows the real Paris.”

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