Teen Mom's Amber Crying Over Kardashian Slam

http://www.usmagazine.com/uploads/assets/articles/38481-brother-teen-moms-amber-crying-over-kim-kardashian-slam/1296139362_teen-mom-kim-amber-gary-290.jpgTeen Mom's Amber Portwood is having a rough time.

The reality star, 20, made headlines for her nasty breakup with Gary Shirley, her ex-fiance and father to her daughter Leah, 2. (Several physical brawls with Shirley, 22, led to her late December arrest on domestic violence charges.) Now, several websites are reporting that she and her ex are speaking again, and on the verge of a reunion.

Her brother Shawn Portwood insists to Us Magazine that it's absolutely not true. "[Websites are claiming] Gary and Amber are talking every single day," Shawn tells Us. "That's not the case at all!"

Shawn added that his famous sister even plans to change her phone number to prevent any contact whatsoever with her ex.

Another source of grief for Amber: Kim Kardashian, who publicly slammed MTV's Teen Mom phenom, complaining that the show glamorized teen pregnancy.

Talking to Shawn over the phone about the Kardashian fracas, "[Amber] started getting really upset and crying, saying the whole world hates her," Shawn Portwood tells Us.

"She was just so hurt."

To cheer up his sister, Shawn even launched a "Help Amber Portwood" Facebook page. "I wanted her to know that people do care about her. People joined the group and it was very positive. They said that they would keep her in their prayers."

Credit: Us Magazine

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