Ashley Greene Talks Miley Cyrus, Joe Jonas to Ashley Greene, Miley Cyrus seems much older than her 18 years.

"She's young, but we could relate to each other because she's probably been through as much as a 40-year-old!" Greene tells the March issue of Teen Vogue. The two costar in the upcoming comedy LOL.

"Plenty of Disney kids are perfectly normal and love what they do. But you always hear about the people who aren't doing well," she tells the teen fashion bible. "It's kind of like the squeaky wheel."

Partnering up with Cyrus was an opportunity for Greene to slowly branch away from the Twilight franchise that's consumed her life since 2008.

"I'm kind of like a bad girl in that film," Greene, 23, says of her role in LOL. "It's a really big departure from Alice," she says of her vampire alter-ego. "And as much as I love that character, I'm excited for people to see a bit of my range."

Greene will also get to flex her acting muscle when she stars opposite Jennifer Garner and Olivia Wilde in the upcoming comedy Butter.

"It's about butter carving, which, really, you have to Google. People take these huge chunks of butter, as tall as me, and carve intricate things into them; it's mind-blowing," she says. "I'd never heard of it when I read the script, and I remember asking my manager, 'How do writers make this stuff up?' But it actually exists."

In the flick, Greene plays a "typical rebellious teenager who goes from plain vanilla to basically being a stripper. It sounds ridiculous but it's going to be really funny."

When she isn't working, Greene spends most of her free time with her 21-year-old boyfriend, Joe Jonas.

"We have a traveling relationship," she tells the mag. "We met through mutual friends in London, which is crazy because we both live in L.A. And we've already met each other's parents, which I think is a good result of the kind of lifestyle we live. He's sweet and really funny, which is huge for me."

Credit: Us Magazine

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