Happy {Sit Back & Contemplate} Weekend

Moments of clarity are just that - moments. They go by in a flash. So when you have one, try to hold on tight and make the most of it.

I've been inspired by some amazing women recently. And then I read the article about Nancy Jarecki, who survived a brain aneurysm, in this month's issue of Vogue. If you need a kick in the butt, go read it.

weekend meditation
images via simply grove & thirfty solutions for an urban gal

A wise man once re-quoted

"On your death bed all you have is memories and regrets. Make your memories amazing and have NO regrets!” (thanks Uncle Beefy!)

That brought about some of my own moments of clarity. Like the realization that I could actually really finally launch my creative styling services business. So I did. I do hope you'll check it out!

This weekend I plan to hit the pause button, sit still (in a comfy chair!) and truly savor the good moments happening in my life right now.

I hope you find moments to cherish this weekend luvies.

Till Monday!
*Mrs. E

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