Holly Madison Says No Thanks to Hef's Wedding

Holly Madison has not been coy about her distaste for Hugh Hefner's engagement to Crystal Harris. Remember when she told Life & Style that Hef was making a "hasty decision"? The Holly's World beauty has made up her mind, though, telling me on my HDNet show that even if she's invited, she's not going to that wedding.

"I feel like the attention should be on them," Holly tells me. "It shouldn't be about ex-girlfriends showing up and what are their reactions and stuff like that. I think it should be about them."

Holly let slip that Hef and Crystal are thinking about tying the knot this summer. She says that if she doesn't go, "It's probably because I have a show in Vegas."

Since Hef announced the engagement, Holly met up with the pair in early January for a taped segment for her hit E! show, which is back for season two. The encounter was "definitely awkward," and even though a month has passed she's still cautious about saying positive things about the next Mrs. Hefner. "I don't really know her," she tells me.

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