Jen Aniston Doesn't Want Heidi At Premiere

According to Kikster, Jennifer Aniston is trying everything in her power to have Heidi Montag’s name axed from the guest list before Just Go With It’s red carpet premiere.

Montag has a cameo in the film, so why would Jen want her invitation taken away?

Apparently Jen doesn’t like how Montag conducts herself with the media, doing anything for attention, because that’s not how Jennifer made a name for herself.

A source tells the Daily Mirror; “Heidi is everything that Jen’s steered well clear of in her career – attention-seeking, an exhibitionist and totally lacking in class. She couldn’t stand The Hills. She thinks the girls have no talent and barely respect themselves.”

No word on whether or not she even has any influence on who they will invite, but we have a feeling if Montag has the smallest part in the film, she’ll be welcomed.

We assume the two did not shoot any scenes together.

Credit: StarzLife

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