Lindsay's Friend Gives Stolen Necklace To Cops

Well this doesn't look good for Lindsay, a friend of hers has just turned in a piece of stolen jewelry to police in LA, Radar Online has learned.

Radar Online broke the world exclusive story yesterday that police requested a search warrant after seeing both a photograph as well as a video of Lindsay wearing the one-of-a-kind necklace worth $2,500 which someone had stolen from a store in - you guessed it - Venice Beach.

Police tell Radar Online the necklace is now being kept is a safe to use as evidence. It will ultimately be up to the D.A.'s office whether to pursue any charges in the case.

The search warrant was never put into action because the necklace was returned.

UPDATE:  Lindsay Lohan is claiming that this all is a misunderstanding. She says that she just borrowed the necklace and then returned it to her stylist who was late getting back to the jeweler.

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